The Postgraduate Program in Military Sciences of the Meira Mattos Institute (PPGCM-IMM) is a program of excellence in scientific research in the area of ​​National Defence and is within the scope of the Brazilian Army Command and General Staff College (ECEME). The PPGCM-IMM is the only program in a military institution that offers Academic Masters and PhD courses recognized by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), it also offers a Post-Doc course. The PPGCM-IMM specializes in two lines of research: Defence Management and Peace and War Studies. The Institute has an extremely qualified faculty with a wide range of research in the fields of National Defence, International Relations, Defence Economics, Political Science, Geopolitics, among others. The Meira Mattos Institute is responsible for editing the Meira Mattos Magazine publication, which is a reference publication in strategic and military studies in Brazil.

The objective of the Postgraduate Program in Military Sciences is to produce scientific knowledge and train highly qualified human resources capable of critical thinking, and with capacity to act in the area of Defence, formulating strategies focused on National Defence.

The PPGCM offers a Post-Doc internship (PPGCM-PD) - with specific regulations - and two stricto sensu courses:

- Academic PhD course (PPGCM-Dout); and

- Academic Master Degree (PPGCM-MA).


Vision of the future

The PPGCM aims to continue being a Center of Excellence in the national and international academic environment, forming highly qualified professionals in the area of Defence.


Principles, beliefs and values

● Respect for the freedom to learn, teach and research

● Freedom of thought

● Incentive to critical thinking

● Dedication to the profession

● Belief in democratic precepts

● Pluralism of ideas and pedagogical concepts

● Didactic-scientific autonomy

● Discipline

● Dissemination of military traditions

● Practice of ethical virtues and moral precepts

● Respect for dignity

● Respect for morals

● Sense of justice

● Respect for the environment

● Hierarchy and discipline