The programmes are organized into concentration areas and their respective lines of research, which comprise ECEME/Brazilian Army subjects of interest, as well as topics of interest to the national defence area, as specified below:


a. Area of Concentration: NATIONAL DEFENCE

A set of measures and State actions, with a multidisciplinary character, with emphasis on military expression, for the defence of territory, sovereignty and national interests against preponderantly external, potential or manifest threats.


1) Defense Management: Public Policy, Economy and Industry

It investigates the set of administrative activities related to military power aiming at the planning, organization, coordination and control of personnel, resources and facilities, all in order to provide conditions for the application of military force. To that end, it also studies the dynamics of organizational, interorganizational and interinstitutional relations, in its formal, symbolic and behavioral dimensions, and its managerial expressions.


2) Peace and War Studies

It investigates aspects related to geopolitics, international relations and strategy, the latter understood as the preparation and application of national power to conquer and preserve objectives, overcoming obstacles of any order. In this sense, the study of these aspects and their interface with military power, based on its history, organization, preparation in all its dimensions and its employment, will enable the desired interdisciplinarity necessary for the contextualization of the study within the political powers and the military.